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Adonis Oil

To create a brand for an extra virgin olive oil who aims to enter the delicatesen market. The main challenge was to come across with a brand and a balanced packaging to communicate the brand abroad.


Identity & Branding, Print


Adonis Oil




The extra virgin olive oil, Adonis logotype’s inspiration is the monogram of the name Adonis combined with olive leaf which will be the concept of the packaging design. 

Adonis Oil is a high quality olive oil of premium class. It is produced directly from olives of the best variety, the Koroneiki in the area Millos Sellou near Agrinio in Greece.The fruit is picked by hand with extreme care.  It always has a vivid green colour and is pressed immediately so that the final product consists of the best features. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive oil branding explores the idea of returning to the roots, to the foundation of life, telling the story of the arid lands from Greece where olive trees grow.

An Upgrade for Any Dish

A monochromatic style & modern approach make this olive oil branding appeal to healthy food lovers.

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