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The Ghanaian economy is entrepreneurially driven and the majority are endowed with good offerings, however, many fail for lack of healthy cash flow to sustain operations over a short period. The usual suspects are poor financial management practices and low consumer patronage, however, the latter is the main culprit. 


It's heart throbbing to know that 75% of businesses fail after 3 years in Ghana announced by the Minister for Business Development, Ibrahim Awal Mohammed. He noted that those businesses that can exceed three years do not go beyond 10 years of operation, adding that “Small businesses constitute over 90 per cent of all businesses in the country and the rate of failure is not acceptable.”


A danger often ignored when starting a business in Ghana is entrepreneurs are immensely focused on quickly dishing the great idea they have to the market leaving them in a blind spot of not taking into consideration branding as a vehicle for business sustainability.

Nevertheless in the now plunged market, with a host of identical offerings, it has become vital for start-ups and entrepreneurs to stand out and notably enrich consumer experience to sustain the business. A business that is customer-centric has a 95% chance to survive. To achieve this stupendously the right and unique strategy need to be employed through effective branding.


Are you a business - small, emerging, mature or even about to start a venture - that seeks the peace of mind to focus on your business goals whilst sustaining growth? This is where your journey starts! 

We are a compact size brand design and advertising strategy company that effectively plans, develops and execute creative solutions to cater to the marketing challenges facing the Ghanaian small businesses and industries in reaching its preferred consumers or audience; as a means to growing and sustaining business.


"They are QUICK in delivering solutions

but pay attention to details.

 Eager to work and hungry for results. "

Douglas Fordjour. CEO LGI

" Convenience, value

and accessibility

 are the only brands 

consumers buy"



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